Shrunken Head Tropic Lounge is a small little Tiki Bar on the Eastside of Downtown, Jefferson City, MO. Located on the corner of East High street and Ash St in a historic building at 301 Ash.

The bar was opened by Jonny Ver Planck a California native who came by way of Belize when he met his wife, Bridget, a Jefferson City native back in 2004.

Fast forward to 2013 and a longing for the beach and seeing a need for something new and interesting gave Jonny the idea to open a Tiki Bar in Mid-Missouri.

Working in the Music Industry for 25 years and traveling and working in over 25 countries Jonny pulled influences from his homeland of Southern California, Hawaii, South Pacific, Mexico, Belize and The Caribbean along with his love for loud cars, Chopped bikes and Metal Flake and started to creating a place for a mini Vacation for the locals.

The bar has a early 80's Gilligan's Island Pinball Machine (courtesy of Silver Ballroom in St Louis), art from Lil' Daddy Roth, Andrew Miller, Paul Hughes and others to come and a ceiling that was blasted with Wrecked Retina Red Metal Flake from the Roth Metal Flake collection. The decor will be an ongoing process and we're definitely not the "tikiest of tiki places" but we measure all of our cocktails to insure consistency in all of our drinks and nothing is pre-mixed. We will be adding Specialty drinks as we go and hope to see you soon.

The bar only holds 40 people and it's what we don't have that makes us an escape. No Politics-No Religion-No Television- Just tasty Drinks and a Good time.

You may not have time for a trip to Oahu this week, but you can sure find time for a 3 hour tour of The Shrunken Head Tropic Lounge.

And remember.... "Iki Po'o Lumi Pilikia" (Small Head-No Room For Worries)

Come shrink your head